Installations / Residences

Medieval Portraits

Portraits of a client’s children, painted as if they lived during the middle ages in a medieval castle (per the client’s request).  The portrait of the boys is installed on the ceiling.  Acrylic on canvas.

Farm Bathroom

Trompe l’oeil is used to turn a powder room into the interior of a old outhouse on a farm.  Acrylic on canvas and wall.


A view of a marsh scene with a heron, red winged blackbird, bald eagle and ducks hunting in a marsh, for a kitchen in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Acrylic on canvas.

Picking Crabs

This mural honors the crab-picking workforce so vital to the economy of the Eastern Shore of Maryland since the mid-1,800s.  Each year starting in April...

Unloading Crabs

A companion to "Picking Crabs", this mural celebrates the Eastern Shore of Maryland's many small fishing and crabbing towns, like Crisfield...

The Marsh

Every fall, tens of thousands of migratory geese and ducks traveling along the Delmarva Flyway stop on Maryland's Eastern Shore to forage...

Ceiling in Billiard Room

Sixteen individual murals showing outdoor scenes and wildlife from the homeowner’s property for the niches in the coffered ceiling in the billiard room.  Acrylic on canvas.